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Catterick Garrison

Risedale Community Sports College

Catterick Garrison

North Yorkshire. DL9 4BD



Tuesday 16th September         12.00pm


This performance is SOLD OUT.


Year 10 pupils were inspired to write their own powerful prose, many detailing their personal experiences of belonging to Armed Services families.


“The workshop was incredibly powerful and I was delighted how well our students responded—It was also a real privilege to host the launch of a national poetry competition.”

English teacher Adrienne Pierso, Risedale Sports and Community College, Catterick Garrison.


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“War is bad but sometimes necessary—when you are younger it is very difficult to make sense of it.  Poetry and drama are ways to help you understand because they explore feelings.”           Col Stephen Padgett

The award-winning play by Stephen MacDonald  |  UK & West End Tour 2014
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