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The Award Ceremony.



On the 1st April 2015, to round off our unforgettable 2014 national tour and West End transfer of Not About Heroes, we celebrated our 20th anniversary with a wonderful party hosted by PZ Cussons and the award ceremony of this legacy building competition.  We were thrilled to welcome finalists from across the UK, Germany and Austria and announce the winners.  Prizes were presented by Julie Hesmonhalgh, Katy Cavanagh, poet Peter Street, The Lord Mayor, the Mayor of Ors and Feelgood company members.  Congratulations to all the finalists and award winners.   We are very proud to have created this legacy.


At the party we were honoured to welcome the Lord Mayor of Manchester, Councillor Susan Cooley and the Mayor of Ors, France, Monsieur Jacky Duminy with whom we have built a cultural collaboration after our visit to the Wilfred Owen Memorial, La Maison Forestière in 2014.


We we were delighted to welcome our guests who represented the span of our work over the past twenty years including actors, creatives, sponsors, funders, and Feelgood friends. The evening was a celebration of world class theatre-making and an announcement of the vision for Feelgood’s future. 






Overall winner Elin Heron, ‘Dear Michael


The winners by category:


Dear Mum   

Winner Elin Heron, ‘Dear Michael

With judges highly commended to Lee Armstrong, ‘Time and Worth

and Katherine MacInnes, ‘Memorium’.


Band of Friends   

Winner (under 16)  Gudrun Bennet, ‘Accrington Pals

Winner (over 16)     Audrey McIllvain, ‘Curtains’

With judges highly commended to Nikki Pearson, ‘Three Brothers’


Too Full Already is the Grave 

Winner (under 16) Olivia King, ‘Will We Fall’

Winner (over 16)    Alan Beattie, ‘Aftermath’

With judges highly commended to Katie Byson, ‘The Widow’

Florentina Winger, ‘Killed in Action’

Brian Burgess, ‘Crown of Sonnets’


World Events Have Rumbled On 

Winner Joan Potter, ‘Inoffensive Spring’

With judges highly commended to James Davidson, ‘Two Woods’


The award-winning play by Stephen MacDonald  |  UK & West End Tour 2014
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