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14 Whitehall



Box Office: 0844 871 7632


Monday 10th November              7.45pm

Tuesday 11th November             7.00pm

Wednesrday 12th November      7.45pm

Thursday 13th November            3.00pm

Thursday 13th November            7.45pm

Friday 14th November                 7.45pm

Saturday 15th November            3.00pm

Saturday 15th November            7.45pm

Monday 17th November              7.45pm

Tuesday 18th November             7.45pm

Wednesday 19th November       7.45pm

Thursday 20th November            3.00pm

Thursday 20th November            7.45pm

Friday 21st November                 7.45pm

Saturday 22nd November           3.00pm

Saturday 22nd November           7.45pm

Monday 24th November              7.45pm

Tuesday 25th November             7.45pm

Wednesday 26th November       7.45pm

Thursday 27th November            3.00pm

Thursday 27th November            7.45pm

Friday 28th November                 7.45pm

Saturday 29th November             3.00pm

Saturday 29th November             7.45pm

Monday 1st December                7.45pm

Tuesday 2nd December              7.45pm

Wednesday 3rd December         7.45pm

Thursday 4th December              3.00pm

Thursday 4th December              7.45pm

Friday 5th December                   7.45pm

Saturday 6th December              3.00pm


Trafalgar Studios, London

We are delighted to be back at Trafalgar2 following the company's West End debut here in 2007 with our first critically acclaimed production of Not About Heroes and launch of Eloquent Protest.  Performances here promise to be electric as they will be drawing on the inspiration gained on our exceptional tour, tracing the footsteps of the poets and in particular our special performance at the Wilfred Owen Memorial, at the Foresters House in Ors, France.

Ticket Prices:


£15 - £25

The award-winning play by Stephen MacDonald  |  UK & West End Tour 2014
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